Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Stuff

These were done a while back but I took too long to scan them. So here they are now. =p


Ben said...

hullo Jadyn! you have sum nice works here! cant believe they put you in the other building...D:

Nhut Pham said...

Hi Jadyn,
These works are niceeee!
Love the pencil works

corinne said...

Nicely done on both of them :D !

KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, Jadyn. It was good to see you at graduation. =) Great monochrome renders (or whatever the proper term is for these)! I have some work I should scan as well, haha. And good job capturing your likeness in the cartoon below. =P

Jadyn Ngo said...

Thanks guys and Corinne! :p

Ki: It was great seeing you too! I miss school and miss seeing all the lovely faces. :(